After Hours Service Desk

Make the Smart Decision

Never Leave Your Customers Waiting

After Hours Service Desk assures quick and appropriate response to customer support request calls even if the primary service line is left unattended. The application continuously monitors selected service mailboxes for new messages. Should the service line be unattended or unavailable at any time, the system directs callers to leave a message. The application immediately sends an SMS "message waiting" text alert of to the mobile device of the on-call agent or agents. At the same time, it takes a copy of the audio recording, sends it through Mutare's giSTT Audio Speech to Text processing and, within minutes, also delivers the message as an email with audio file attached and transcribed text in the body of the email. From any browser, the attending agent can immediately see who called and the reason/level of importance for the call. And, because the transcribed message already contains the time, date, customer ID and details about the issue, the agent can simply file or append it to the customer record for future reference, just like email.