General Electric

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Worldwide

Market: Manufacturing

Application: EVM Plus

GE is a $16.6 billion, multinational company with more than 10,000 employees producing thousands of GE business-related voice, fax, and email messages transferred around the world daily.

EVM was originally installed on the GE Octel platform. The customer gained the functionality of EVM without the cost of replacing entire voicemail system in 40 locations. They now have mixed Octel, Intuity, and MM platforms, all with EVM, so the user experience is the same, enterprise-wide. GE's sophisticated communication infrastructure links its multiple locations into one high speed network. Each location has a server for message storage and transfer, but the application servers (running the EVM software) are centralized, so EVM installation modifications and support are uncomplicated.

Notes Russell Ashton, GE Manager of Voice Technology: "Our rollout was very smooth, and the feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. As one user put it to me, 'I feel I am so much more in touch with my messages.'"