Continental Airlines

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Houston

Market: Transportation

Application: EVM Plus

As Technical Manager for Message Services at Continental Airlines, Pete Romfh continuously evaluates messaging technologies that improve processes while supporting service excellence. "We have thousands of employees working around the globe, 24/7. Making sure that we keep communications flowing at all times is critical," he says. "When we looked at our options and considered the available communications methods, we realized that the phone is still the most universally-available. With that in mind, we considered any solution that enhances voice messaging a particularly good investment. That certainly proved true with Mutare's EVM. In an environment like ours where people need quick access to their messages, no matter where they are in the world, unified voice messaging and EVM breaks the time-space continuum. Whether you are on OutlookTM in the office, a pay phone in Paris, the Internet in India, or a wireless device in Washington, it makes no real difference. My people get their messages at a time that's convenient for them from whatever location they are currently in."

According to Romfh, among the most frequent requests he's received from employees is for a solution that integrates voicemail and email for quick and convenient access to messages. "When I learned about Mutare's Enhanced Voice Messaging for Avaya, I knew it would be a great fit. We went ahead and purchased the application a year ago and have been steadily bringing users on board. Now, a frequent comment I hear is 'Wow- this is so cool! I will never log into voicemail again!'"

Romfh was particularly impressed with how smoothly Mutare's EVM solution was installed. "It was seamless," he says, "and the system runs like a champ. If we ever run into snags, it just takes a quick phone call to Mutare and, poof! It's fixed. There was even a time when Mutare called ME saying they had detected an error and wanted to make sure everything was operating correctly. It turned out to be nothing, but I really appreciate that level of attention. It's cool knowing that there is someone else out there watching out for us."