CPS Energy

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Texas

Market: Utilities

Application: EVM Plus

"Speaking from a support aspect, the thing I like most about EVM is the fact that I don't need to know much about it." That, says Telecom Analyst Felix Melendes, is testimony to the flawless performance of the unified communications solution Mutare Software installed at CPS Energy more than two years ago. "I really appreciate how smoothly the implementation went and the knowledge of Mutare's support team. We simply have never had a problem, which makes me, and our users, very happy."

Felix first heard about Mutare's Enabled VoiceMail (EVM) through Scott Golla, National Account Manager for Cross Telecom, one of the nation's largest providers of integrated voice and data communications solutions. "We've had a very good relationship with Cross for a long time," says Felix. "I knew that I could trust their recommendations for our telecommunications systems. When Scott mentioned that they had a solution that works with our existing Avaya Intuity voicemail system to provide unified messaging, I knew it was something we should see." Scott engaged Mutare Software Regional Manager Linda Collins in presenting the features and value of EVM, a web-based application for enterprise users that copies voice and fax messages from voicemail and delivers them as attachments to the user email inbox. "My first thought was, 'wow, we could use this!'," says Felix, noting not only the benefits of EVM for internal collaboration but also improved responsiveness to CPS customers throughout the San Antonio region.

CPS purchased EVM, including licenses for 1,000 users, and installed it on a virtual server. "Personally, I can't remember the last time I dialed into voicemail," says Felix. "As a public utility, we receive a lot of customer calls. It's a great convenience and a real time-saver to be able to access and listen to those messages from email. And, if I receive a message that needs to be directed to someone else, I simply forward the email with the .wav file attached. It couldn't be easier."