Fransciscan Health System

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Washington State

Market: Healthcare

Application: ENS

Franciscan Health System currently has 4 hospitals and 41 clinics. ENS is fully deployed at 3 of the hospitals, partially at the 4th, and partially deployed in the clinics. There are approximately 6,700 people in the database. There are roughly 6,000 employees and others on the FHS system, including physicians, staff, and volunteers. Next year a 5th hospital will be added to the mix.

ENS was installed in 2005 and implemented through the first six months of 2006. It is used daily for replacement staffing calls at St. Joseph Medical Center, St. Clare Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital. In the past, when an absence prompted the need to find a replacement, calls had to be made to up to 40 individuals who might qualify to fill the position. With ENS, all 40 calls can be made in one broadcast with targeted follow-up calls if necessary. The position can be quickly filled by the first person responding. FHS is also using EEN for emergency activation of the disaster plan, staff recall, and urgent notification for a variety of circumstances.

Recently SFH converted all of the pager codes to ENS so that broadcast messages will reach pagers as well as other mobile devices; that same process is underway at SJMC.

The disaster notification system is tested quarterly, and it is used to send out alerts 1-2 times a month. Franciscan recently created a silent notification system (pager and e-mail) for use during a violent situation where an overhead announcement could create further problems.

From the emergency side, ENS administrators within the hospitals can send group notices to small or large groups quickly. The response to the notification depends on the time of day and the type of event. It was recently used during a major windstorm to notify the hospital "BIO" group of the need to immediately track and report carbon monoxide poisonings. Since the message goes directly to the ED charge nurses, tracking was implemented immediately.