MTD Products

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Valley City, OH

Market: Manufacturing

Application: EVM Plus

Jami Moore, Telecommunications Specialist and Engineer for MTD Products, outlined how her company cut international cellular costs over 87% combining in country mobile plans, call vectoring, automatic alternate call routing and EVM Plus to provide seamless communications for traveling executives.

MTD is an international manufacturer of outdoor power equipment with a highly mobile employee force supporting facilities in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Mexico. MTD purchased Mutare's EVM solution in 2010, to simplify access to voice messages through email for on mobile devices and PC's. "I just wanted to say that EVM works great, is easy to install, and requires very little user training, "Jami said at the onset of her presentation. "Employees using EVM are very satisfied with this product and the standard response seems to be "oh wow... That's pretty cool." In addition, MTD found significant money saving benefits in an unexpected place - China.

MTD employees frequently travel between the office in Ohio and Suzhou China, ringing up some significant international/long distance phone charges. Management challenged the telecommunication team to find a way to reduce international communication costs, while at the same time providing access to critical voice messages and follow up.

"The majority of employees traveling to China are engineers. They need to interact with their team members frequently, especially if the conversation revolves around a design change, a process change, or something happening on the manufacturing line," Jami said. "Engineers spend a lot of time out on the manufacturing floor and timely notification of messages was a key factor in trying to find a viable solution."

The solution: MTD purchased a regional mobile phone with a data plan, to be used by employees traveling internationally. Using EVM, mobile users simply configure their EVM settings to have their voice messages relayed to the mobile device as an email. That not only eliminates costly dial-ins for voice messages but also overcame the aggravation of missed messages due to the time zone difference. For outgoing calls, MTD created a vector directory number (VDN) to route calls from their regional office. The VDN passes the caller to the Corporate PBX in Ohio thru Automatic Alternate Routing (AAR) giving the caller the ability to make outbound, local, or long distance calls free.