NY City Dept. of Parks and Rec.

Make the Smart Decision

Customer: New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

Location: New York, NY

Market: Government

Application: Custom

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation employs nearly 1,900 full time employees and approximately 3,000 seasonal workers. The Department was looking for a system that would allow them to keep track of daily absences for this large and mobile population. Building on the Parks and Recreation Department's existing Octel message server, programmers at Mutare were able to develop a custom application to streamline, standardize, and automate the department's entire absence reporting process.

Prior to Mutare installation, absence reporting methods varied throughout the city's five boroughs. Most involved either phone calls to a live receptionist or voicemail recordings. In Brooklyn alone, calls were taken by 40 different voice mailboxes, auto-copied to a single administrator, hand-recorded and then filed for future reference. The cumbersome and potentially error-prone process could take up to three hours each day.

With the new Mutare application, all absences are called into a dedicated phone number. Callers are guided through a list of questions that allows them, via phone keypad, to identify themselves, the borough they work in, their work location and the reason for their absence. At the end of the call, the employee is given a confirmation number. Prior to each shift change, the application automatically sorts recorded absences, emails those absences to their respective field supervisors, and/or creates a text to speech message for supervisors who have yet to receive computers. Absentee information is also viewable via a link on the Parks Intranet.

Staff members no longer need to decipher and hand-record hours of phone messages. Field supervisors have access to full and accurate absence reports before the beginning of every shift. And, with the application's archiving and report-generating features, department administrators are able to sort, review, and print historical data - a valuable asset for payroll administration, planning and budgeting.