Olmsted County

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Minnesota

Market: Government

Application: EVM Plus

As Telecommunications Specialist for Olmsted County, Minnesota, Nena Tolman oversees the voice messaging needs of the numerous agencies operating under the County umbrella. "We pass between 10,000 and 15,000 voicemail messages a day," she notes. "We have people who are often away from their desks and phones - social workers, city workers, educators. Having a reliable way to receive messages regardless of where they are or how the message is sent is a major priority."

The County purchased Mutare's EVM not only because of its seamless integration with their existing voicemail system and ability to convert voice and fax messages into email attachments, but also for its ease of use – little if no training was necessary for the nearly 2,000 county workers using the application. "I very much appreciate that voicemail notifications are delivered with the sender's ID so I can immediately prioritize call-backs," says Tolman. "I'm constantly hearing about how easy and useful this system is. In addition, installation was completely painless, requiring no additional hardware purchases, no special training for our users, and no extra time or adjustments at all to keep it operational. We just loaded it on and started clicking away. I, for one, couldn't be happier about that."