Sheppard Mullin

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Worldwide

Market: Legal

Application: Message Mirror

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP continues to benefit from Mutare's service after five years. With over 550 attorneys, Sheppard Mullin is an AMLaw 100 firm, practicing in over 14 offices around the world. The company reached out to Mutare for the Message Mirror application, which offers an enterprise solution for real time geo-redundant backup for Avaya Modular Messaging.

"I should probably just get used to it, but I continue to be surprised at the level of service I get from Mutare. For the second time in a row, Mutare was able to assist me with another vendors problem using their own software. I explained our problem … and sure enough, he [Mutare] showed me how their software could extract data from a server that we suspected had corruption. Using their software, we were able clear out all of the corruption and lay down a fresh copy, something our other vendor could not do. We saved countless hours of problems with our upcoming upgrade…" said J. Michael Bernardin, Telecommunications Engineer for Sheppard Mullin.

Mutare supplied the ability to continuously monitor the production voicemail system mirrors messages, names, greetings, passwords and LDAP changes to a backup Modular Messaging Message Store Server. Bernardin said, "… At the end of the day when I realized how much time and effort they had given and mentioned it to them, they told me that all of it was covered under our agreement. Mutare is one of those companies that has the rare combination of highly skilled, very professional and responsive experts who are a pleasure to work with. Mutare remains one of the best vendors we have partnered with!"