St. Joseph's University

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Market: Education

Application: ENS

St. Joseph's University was looking for an on-site, university-wide system for rapid mass delivery of critical notices to faculty, staff and students.

The University already had Mutare's Enabled VoiceMail (EVM) system and was very positive about their experience with that application deployment and features. They turned to Mutare again for their Enterprise Notification System.

ENS gives college administrators the ability to rapidly deliver messages, via simultaneous voice, text and email broadcasts, to every phone, cell phone, PDA and pager on the system. The Web-based interface allows for the creation and selection of customized lists (students, staff, administrators, first responders etc.), and includes the option for verification from recipients. ENS implementation at St. Joseph's University additionally included a utility that automatically updates contact information through a daily query of the university's employee and student databases, sparing the administrator this time-consuming chore. This is a very welcome feature in the college environment, where 1/4 of the system's student users turn over every year. For added protection, St. Joseph's purchased a back-up server that is located at a disaster recovery site 50 miles from campus. Through a high-speed link, that system mirrors the data on the on-campus server and may take over broadcast functions should the main server be disabled.