Spirit Communications

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Application: Voice Message Migration

Upgrading your Modular Messaging System can result in lost messages and frustrated users. This can be avoided if your organization plans ahead to migrate voice messages. Spirit Communications encountered this issue when they upgraded their customer's Modular Messaging system from 4.0 to 5.2 and turned to Mutare to ensure no voice messages were lost as a result of the upgrade.

Spirit Communications is a leading provider of voice, data and internet solutions in the Carolina's. Roger Richardson, Network Engineer for Spirit Communications was looking for an easy way to migrate the data for one of their current customers to an updated platform for 6,700 users. They were considering one method that required a full backup of the old platform to a DVD first and then uploaded from this DVD to the new system. This process would take an extended amount of time requiring the system to be out of service and there would be no guarantee when the upgrade was complete that everything would work. The processes seemed cumbersome, expensive and risky, so they turned to Mutare for a simple, tried and true solution to migrating messages between platforms and upgrades.

Mutare's Voice Message Migration will move all voice messages and, in many cases, related mailbox data, from the source server to the corresponding mailboxes on the target. The service includes all levels of upgrades, whether from a legacy system to the most recent generation of Avaya messaging, from one generation of Modular Messaging to the next, or flattening and consolidation of multiple Modular Messaging or Aura Messaging systems into one.

After presented with Mutare's Voice Message Migration solution, restoring the data became less complicated. Richardson said, "It became obvious there was a whole lot less risk involved since we would be able to get both systems working in parallel and have better idea if the upgrade was going to be successful without having to go through an extended outage that was required with the other method."

Mutare was able to clearly define how the application would work providing a level of confidence; while the end users were unaware an upgrade was taking place preventing a disruption to the work day. "By using the Message migration tool, the process was transparent to end users and we avoided a significant amount of down," said Richardson.