Wayne County Treasury Department

Make the Smart Decision

Location: Detroit, MI

Market: Government

Application: Custom

Wayne is the largest county in the state of Michigan and includes the city of Detroit and surrounding suburbs. Among the most caller-intensive departments is the County Treasurer's office, which receives thousands of property tax calls every day, primarily from homeowners and realtors. The county set up an interactive website to help ease the caller load, but the phone remained the primary communication tool, particularly for those without web access. They determined that a customized voice response system for common phone requests was the answer. Manager Sherry Bittles recommended Mutare, having previously worked with them on a patient care management application which, she says, "went flawlessly."

Mutare was able to fashion a voice response application for the County's Avaya system that provides automated responses to a wide range of questions, from tax liability and delinquency status for individual properties to information on regulations and procedures. The challenge was to come up with a sophisticated application that is easy for the callers to navigate and easy to for Treasury Department staff to manage.

Notes Bittles: "What really makes Mutare stand out is their ability to communicate with the client - they know how to ask the right questions to pinpoint our needs, and then explain the technology in a way that everyone can understand. And, they completed our project on budget and ahead of schedule."

After the application was installed, the number of calls to County Treasurer receptionists dropped dramatically.

"We're happier, and our callers are happier. They get the information they need, any time, around the clock, with no waiting. We have received Zero complaints since putting this system in place.

"I knew that we could count on Mutare to come up with a solution to our phone call overload, but what really impressed me was how easy they made it for all of us."