EVM3 Features

Make the Smart Decision

Complete Control in the Palm of Your Hand

EVM3 is a complete unified messaging solution for unparalleled convenience and control. Following is a listing of EVM3's advanced features:

Multi-Channel Speech-to-Text Transcription:

Delivers a text transcription of the voice message to email, SMS or IM for easy access and quicker response.

Streaming Services:

Can be configured with links to stream the audio in place of the file attachment, as well as view the text transcription in a secure browser window, so there is no local storage of message data.

Mailbox Control:

Hyperlinks allow users to delete messages from their voice mailbox and/or turn off the message waiting lights with just a click.

Activity Link:

Enables users to forward relevant message content with appended notes directly to their CRM, billing, or other text-based business applications.

Multi-Functional Mobile App:

  • Change greetings on-the-go with just a tap for AAM or MM;
  • Consolidate delivery of cellular and enterprise voice messages for one-stop access;
  • View a scrolling display of message previews with one-click drill-down