giSTT Audio

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On-demand speech to text transcription for the enterprise

giSTT Audio is a customizable, on-demand transcription service that can be used to automate any business process requiring the conversion of audio files to text. The application software manages the speech to text conversion process by collecting the audio files from virtually any source, sending them securely to the cloud or an optional onsite appliance for transcription, and then delivering finished text where it is needed. With fast turnaround time and low pricing, this on-demand service represents a powerful way to enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and information management within the enterprise.

2 Service Levels

  • Auto: Fully automated transcription for speed and economy
  • Premium: Automated with agent review for increased accuracy

giSTT Audio Transcribes Any Business Process

giSTT Audio can be integrated with just about any business process that uses voice recordings. Applications include IVR transcription, depositions, conference calls, closed captioning for recordings, Podcast transcriptions and more.