Mutare Logos

Make the Smart Decision

Below are links to Mutare logos graphic files. Click on the link to download the logo file you need.

If you have any special needs for logos that are not present here, please contact Victoria Elliott at

Stacked Logos

MutareStacked.gif (94x72)
Best for web use.

MutareStackedRGB.jpg (1527x1174)
For desktop printing. Available in a ZIP file.

MutareStackedCMYK.jpg (1527x1174)
For commercial 4-color printing, brochures, manuals. Available in a ZIP file.

MutareLogoStacked.eps (1518x1167)
Fully scalable vector file for high resolution printing. Available in a ZIP file.


Horizontal Logos

Mutare Logo

MutareLogoHorizontal.png (585x75)
Best for web use.

MutareLogoHorizontalCMYK.jpg (1932x323)
Vector file scalable for any size