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May 11, 2016

JCAHO Approves Use of Secure Texting for Medical Orders

In a reversal of its five-year ban on health information sharing through text messaging, the Joint Commission recently gave the go-ahead for the delivery of medical orders via text message.... Learn More >>


Apr 27, 2016

Recover Faster from Surgery with a Text

Many hospital readmissions could be avoided with better patient communications. One solution is to engage patients post-discharge via text messages with Mutare’s Vital Link SMS chat module. Through a simple browser interface, clinicians can message with patients or their caregivers after discharge to track their recovery process and intervene before conditions worsen is an evolving best practice. Learn More >>


Apr 12, 2016

Goodbye Voicemail, Hello SAM

Mutare today announced the launch of a revolutionary new application that replaces traditional enterprise voicemail systems with a cost-effective answering assistant, allowing callers to leave a voice message while eliminating the time and frustration of voicemail management for the call recipient. Learn More >>


Dec 15, 2015

New, Ground-Breaking Vital Link Gives Everyone Access to Secure Conversation Capabilities

Mutare announced today a major new release for its Vital Link smart collaboration platform, elevating the application’s secure mobile communication capabilities well beyond any other enterprise offering on the market. Learn More >>


Nov 24, 2015

LA Law Firm Makes the Most of EVM3 with Speech to Text for Voicemail

As a growing firm with a second office in Las Vegas, EBG has embraced the power of mobile communications technology to help achieve those goals and, in 2013, invested in Mutare's EVM3 with giSTT speech to text. Learn More >>


Oct 20, 2015

Mutare's Smart Chat Adds Real-Time Customer Support to Enterprise Websites

As enterprise communication needs evolve, so, too, have Mutare's offerings. Among the most recent additions to Mutare's portfolio of smart communication products and services is Smart Chat, a hosted solution for web-based customer support. Learn More >>


Oct 19, 2015

International Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer Finds Mutare Product, Service Indispensable

Baxter Manufacturing has a long and proud history of innovation and growth, beginning in 1958 as a small family-owned. Baxter claims the key to its success lies in its commitment to quality, attention to detail and strong customer relationships - qualities that Baxter, in turn, has come to expect from its vendors. Learn More >>


Oct 13, 2015

YMCA Uses giSTT Speech to Text to Assist the Hearing Impaired

Originally developed as a productivity-enhancing tool for voicemail management in the enterprise, Mutare's giSTT speech to text application has found a grateful following among those who were unable to utilize voicemail because of hearing impairments. Learn More >>


Sep 29, 2015

Voicemail Re-engineered

Some companies have decided to reduce or even eliminate voicemail in an effort to cut costs and improve productivity. But what is the cost of creating frustration for your customer callers? See how Mutare has transformed the enterprise voicemail experience for happier customers and faster response. Learn More >>


Sep 22, 2015

The Secret to a Pain Free MM-to-Aura System Upgrade

If it's time your enterprise upgraded to Avaya's flagship Avaya Aura Messaging platform but you're paralyzed by the prospect of a difficult transition, then it's time to make Mutare part of the plan. Learn More >>


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