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Sep 29, 2015

Voicemail Re-engineered

Some companies have decided to reduce or even eliminate voicemail in an effort to cut costs and improve productivity. But what is the cost of creating frustration for your customer callers? See how Mutare has transformed the enterprise voicemail experience for happier customers and faster response.Learn More >>


Sep 22, 2015

The Secret to a Pain Free MM-to-Aura System Upgrade

If it's time your enterprise upgraded to Avaya's flagship Avaya Aura Messaging platform but you're paralyzed by the prospect of a difficult transition, then it's time to make Mutare part of the plan. Learn More >>


Sep 16, 2015

Mutare's Fire Desk Assures Anytime Response When the Customer Calls

Mutare’s solution, dubbed “Fire Desk,” answers calls to specified numbers and, depending on how the customer has chosen to configure the application, will provide the caller with the option to be conferenced in with a live agent or, alternately, leave a message with the assurance that a support agent will call back promptly.
Learn More >>


Aug 19, 2015

Vital Link a Game-Changer for Pro Coaching Staff

Clear, rapid, and reliable communication between coaches, managers and teammates during a game is more than an expectation - it's a necessity that no coach can afford to forfeit due to technical problems. That is why one championship-winning football franchise recently chose Mutare Inc.'s integrated Vital Link messaging application to support critical sideline communications. Learn More >>


Jul 16, 2015

Coke and Chase Are Killing Voicemail. My Company Found a Smarter Solution.

You may have read that Coca-Cola and JPMorgan Chase are reducing and, in some cases, eliminating their voicemail systems. Mutare customers have found a better way through Smart Voicemail. Mutare’s cloud-based solution means companies can keep their current voice messaging engine but no longer need to deal with hardware and associated maintenance costs associated with premise-based systems. Learn More >>


Jul 14, 2015

Mutare's Unified Messaging, Monitoring and Reporting Applications Earn "Avaya Compliant" Certification

Mutare, Inc. global developer of enterprise communications software and services, recently announced the successful completion of Avaya DevConnect compliance testing for its EVM3 Release 3.0.5 and Message Monitor/Mailbox Escalation release 1.1.3. for Avaya Aura® Messaging. Learn More >>


Jul 13, 2015

Mutare Message Migration Application Certified 'Avaya Compliant'

Mutare, Inc. global developer of enterprise communications software and services, recently announced the successful completion of Avaya DevConnect compliance testing for its Message Migration solution for Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 and Avaya Aura® Messaging 6.3. Learn More >>


Jun 10, 2015

Vital Link 3.1 Continues to Build on Power of Mutare’s Break-Through Messaging Platform

Mutare, Inc., announced a new release for Vital Link, adding greater flexibility, speed, and ease of use to the messaging platform’s Mass Notification capabilities. Learn More >>


Apr 1, 2015

Mutare Voice Message Migration Solution for Worry-Free VM Upgrades

While already utilized effectively for a wide variety of Avaya upgrade configurations, Voice Message Migration has now been tested for DevConnect compliance certification, assuring interoperability with key Avaya Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solutions. Learn More >>


Jan 13, 2015

Vital Link 3.0 Positions Mutare as New Leader in Secure Mobile Collaboration

Mutare, Inc., announced today the release of Vital Link 3.0, advancing its former offering with a substantially richer, more versatile, user-friendly solution for enhanced workforce productivity and collaboration. Learn More >>


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