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Superior Mortgage Corp Benefits from EVM Plus giSTT with Increased Productivity

November 2, 2011

After more than 24 years of successful business, Superior Mortgage Corp. prides itself on providing the highest level of service by employing the most knowledgeable and trained personnel. EVM Plus giSTT was implemented in July and is currently being utilized by 40% of the company; including loan officers and senior management. Superior Mortgage is using EVM as an additional method for customer service, providing them access to voicemail messages instantly when they are out of the office.

"The recognizable benefit is the added customer service," said Naseem Siddiqui, Telecommunications Manager for Superior Mortgage Corp. "Employees are instantly available. If they're on the road they may not know they have a voicemail. They love it. It makes things simple and it saves a lot of time. Our customers, (loan applicants/borrowers), get immediate response if they leave a voicemail. "

Not only was the software very user friendly from an administration standpoint, but the difference in productivity was immediate; increasing 60% to 70% after the installation.

Steve Cors, Chief Executive Officer for Superior Mortgage Corp said, "Recently, the seemingly small addition of an email being instantly sent to employees when a voicemail is left is huge for me, for everyone in sales and sales support, and for our ability to deliver customer service."

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