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giSTTTM Audio IVR Solution for State Unemployment Fraud Prevention

The Problem

Ohio Fraud PreventionOhio's Benefit Payment Control section identified more than $30 million in fraudulent, overpaid benefits in the last year. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services wants jobless Ohioans to get every penny of unemployment compensation they deserve, but has no tolerance for those who attempt to defraud the system. BPC uses state-of-the-art detection methods that involve cross-matching several computer databases to ferret out fraud. This includes checking "new hire" and other reports from employers, workers' compensation records, and child support databases.

To qualify for compensation job seekers must apply for at least two jobs per week and report on their job search efforts. To make filing claims easier, the State uses an IVR system that lets callers record the inputs on their job search efforts. A challenge for the state was to figure out a way to convert massive amounts of voice data into text that could be cross-matched by computer databases. With thousands of hours of voice recordings saved as wav files, having people listen to every claim was simply not feasible, and cumbersome to audit.

The Solution

Ohio turned to the Federal Government and secured a grant to implement a system to convert the voice files into useable data. With the help of the Gartner Group and the Advocate Consulting Group (ACG) determined the only qualified parties able to provide speech to text integration on an enterprise basis for a project of this magnitude was Mutare, Inc. and Nuance Communications, Inc.

Mutare solved the problem with a giSTT AudioTM middleware solution that integrated Nuances' Dragon® SDK solution with the State's existing IVR system to output speech files as text that can be cross-matched. Mutare fine-tuned the system with dictionaries and database hooks to raise the level of accuracy enabling the system to accurately pinpoint fraudulent claims recorded in both English and Spanish. The system went into production in September of 2012.

The Outcome

The State reports the system is operating smoothly and to their satisfaction, meeting the specifications spelled out in the RFP and exceeding expectations for system performance.

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