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Mutare Services Go Beyond Customer Expectations

Genzyme, a biotechnology company focused on transformative development of therapies for patients affected by rare and debilitating diseases, found in Mutare a technology partner equally committed to innovative solutions to complex issues.

Genzyme Testimonial

Recently, Genzyme was looking to make changes to its call center customer portal. "It was clear we needed the help of a developer with specific expertise in our call center platform," says Karen Boehnke, Associate Director, Global Infrastructure Services. "Our parent company highly recommended that we talk to Mutare based on their positive experience as a Mutare customer. So we arranged a meeting and I was so impressed. Instead of just making the changes we wanted, the Mutare engineer offered to teach us what we needed to know so we would have the tools to make our own revisions. I found that so refreshing!"

Mutare set up a web conference with Karen and her coworker, and within two hours the Genzyme associates had acquired the necessary knowledge to manage their own customer IVR application revisions. "I am confident that if we need another change next week, we can handle it," says Karen, noting that Genzyme has continued to engage Mutare in discussions related to changes in their call center web interface. "Mutare has been so easy to work with, so knowledgeable but also able to break down complex issues and communicate them in ways that are easy to understand. With Mutare, we get more than our money's worth."

About Mutare

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