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The Mutare Factor

Donaldson Headshot What's so special about Mutare? Here's what one business partner has to say. Interview with Dustin Donaldson, Unified Communications Consultant for Strategic Products and Services (SPS).

Q: How long have you been working with Mutare?

A: Our relationship goes back at least 15 years. I was working with one of the country's largest enterprise telecom systems providers and became a champion for Mutare when I saw how well their solutions enhanced our voice messaging platforms. In my current role as SPS partner distributor and UC consultant, I continue bringing Mutare to my customers based on my positive past experiences.

Q: What are Mutare's strengths?

A: Mutare is amazing at finding missing features in the big company telecom systems and then quickly building high-quality, easy to install solutions that fill those gaps so everything works seamlessly. They turn what could have been the reason for a customer to leave into a big reason to stay.

In addition, they are fast. They seem to stay ahead of the curve, anticipating the movements of the market, recognizing emerging customer needs, embracing new technology and delivering custom-fit solutions in a very short time. This is something a less nimble company really struggles with... and one of the reasons Mutare is so successful.

And finally, there is the Mutare service. This is the other factor behind Muare's success and why they have been in business since "the old days." When customers experience Mutare's support, they feel like they've had "white glove" treatment. It makes a lasting impression and adds significantly to the value of bringing Mutare into a deal.

Q: What's your favorite Mutare application?

A: I love speech-to-text. Most of my customer end users don't really understand the value of a big upgrade to their telecom systems; when they pick up the phone, they hear the same old dial tone and are unimpressed. But when you deploy UC applications along with the upgrade, such as Mutare's EVM with speech-to-text, their user experience is enhanced, they are more efficient and they are happy. It may be just a small part of the project, but it makes a huge impression on the end users.

Q: Do you have an example?

A: Sure. We recently oversaw a major upgrade at Jack-in-the-Box corporate headquarters including an all-new voicemail system with SIP implementation. We included Mutare's EVM with speech-to-text and it was an immediate hit. Now, when Jack-in-the-Box asks their users what they love the most about the new platform, voicemail delivery to their email and/or cell phone is always at the top of the list.

Q: If you could describe Mutare in three words, what would they be?

A: The first thing that pops into my head is "I Love Mutare" - because that's what I hear from my customers.

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