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State Insurer Finds EVM a Rewarding Experience in More Ways than One

"Any application that makes our employees more productive and their work easier is one we'd like to have," says Cliff Frazier, Network Architect for Workers Compensation Fund. "That's one of the reasons we love Mutare."

Based in Utah, WCF is a non-profit mutual insurance company providing workers compensation insurance for state employers. Owned entirely by policyholders, WCF shares its financial success through the distribution of dividends, so the more efficient their operation, the greater the reward they can deliver to their customers. As the chief engineer for the company's telecommunications systems, Cliff understands the effect of quality communications technology on overall operational efficiency. That's why, when a voice platform upgrade six years ago resulted in the loss of a popular voicemail feature, he turned to his technology solutions distributor to see if there was an available fix. "They suggested we talk to Mutare about EVM. I saw right away that it was exactly what we needed."

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Enterprise-wide deployment of Mutare's EVM unified messaging solution was seamless, he adds. "Mutare's engineers are very knowledgeable and great to work with. We had no problems getting up and running quickly and smoothly."

EVM's delivery of voicemail to email is a welcome feature for the company's adjusters and other frequent phone users as well as employees in the field who can now access voice messages from email on their mobile phones. "Everyone loves it. In the six years since deployment, I have never heard a single word of complaint," he says.

While Mutare prides itself on its customer support, Cliff admits he has only needed it once for a minor reconfiguration following a system upgrade. "And even then, Mutare took care of it in a 10 minute phone call. I have never needed to open a support ticket. This application just goes and goes.

"I have worked with a lot of good technology providers but Mutare is definitely the easiest I have ever dealt with. I would never hesitate to turn to them if there is something I need because I know they will deliver."

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