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"Nine out of ten quotes for WFO / WFM don't have the database to implement correctly. And if the existing data is not accurately captured or organized, the value is lost," says James Emanuele, President, Mutare Contact Center & Advanced Integration.

With more than 12 years of experience designing and facilitating large and complex contact center systems, Emanuele is deeply aware of what's contained in the thousands of calls, emails and chats that those centers processes daily. "Within each customer contact is valuable information that provides insight not only into that customer's experience and needs but also into the efficiency of contact center operations as a whole."


Capturing, accurately analyzing, reporting and then acting on that information is key to meeting critical performance metrics and bottom line results - no easy task when dealing with multiple data sources from disparate vendors.

"We are challenging the common assumption that the implementation of an effective workforce management and optimization solution is painfully complicated, costly, and time-consuming," says Emanuele. "We have the manufacturer software, application, and data base experts who can analyze existing data, develop the appropriate processes, customize analytic algorithms, and then provide full implementation and ongoing support - all in one package."

The innate efficiency of this single-source approach means implementation in weeks instead of months, and at fraction of the cost normally experienced with bigger, less versatile companies.

Unlike platform-specific vendors with a narrow area of expertise, Mutare's knowledge and experience spans all major CC and UC platforms, including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, and Genesys, assuring a well-coordinated and cost-effective service that delivers optimal configuration and performance in mixed platform environments.

Among the specific workforce optimization implementation services Mutare provides for its business partners and customers:

  • New platform installation design and consulting
  • Platform Upgrade planning, design, and consulting
  • Call recording and quality monitoring
  • Workforce management
  • Data source interface integration
  • Custom analytic algorithms and applications
  • Mobile applications and development
  • CRM Integration
  • Training

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