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Mutare Names Roger Northrop CTO

Mutare announced today the promotion of Roger Northrop to the position of Chief Technology Officer, effective immediately.


Mr. Northrop joined Mutare in 2008 as Director of Business Development, bringing with him a unique combination of convergence systems engineering skills and experience in strategic global account management. He quickly became a key member of the Mutare operations team and technical liaison for the sales group and business partner network responsible for the successful launch of Mutare's platform-agnostic giSTT speech to text offering. In addition to support for speech to text integration, Northrop's expertise helped assure interoperability of Mutare's full suite of Unified Communications and Smart Notification solutions with other voice messaging platforms, including Avaya, Nortel, AVST, and Shoretel.

Over his five-year tenure with Mutare, Northrop has assumed increasing responsibilities for product development and strategic planning. He serves not only as analyst and advisor on messaging trends and mobility technologies that will influence the company's development efforts, but also works as a member of the design team developing new or customized applications to fit specific customer requests.

Mutare President, Ben Crown, says, "Roger has proven to be an invaluable asset for our company as we continue to grow and expand into new and increasingly complex markets. His technical expertise, creativity and vision have together played a key role in our continued success. Adding the title of Chief Technology Officer is less about assigning new responsibilities as it is about acknowledging a role that he has already so capably been filling."

Says Northrop, "It is a privilege to be part of a development team that, without question, is among the best in the nation. Jeremy Parker, Brian McDonald, Ed O'Brien, Brian Rogers, Carver Anderson, Daryl Bergeron - these are the people who are really behind Mutare's unmatched reputation for fast, effective, and innovative product development and delivery. I am thrilled to be a part of this team, and equally excited for the future of Mutare."

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