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Instant, Secure Customer Engagement Through Mutare's Mobile Chat Solution

The e-commerce revolution is rapidly transforming the way companies interact with their customers. As consumers increasingly turn to the Web for product information and support, contact centers are responding by adding SMS, live chat, email and even video chat channels to their operations.

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At the same time, mobile consumers are quickly embracing the speed and convenience of virtual shopping through company branded smartphone apps that enhance both the customer experience and the company's bottom line. As a testament, Walmart's vice president of media and digital marketing reports that users of their award winning app are spending 40% more than the average shopper.

Clearly the mobile app is an invaluable tool that brings companies closer to their customers. Mutare has now significantly enhanced that customer experience with its groundbreaking Secure Mobile Chat solution. When added to a company's native mobile app, Secure Mobile Chat provides an instant, secure gateway to call center support with just a tap on the smartphone.

Utilizing Web services, Secure Mobile Chat eliminates contact center costs associated with telephone calls and SMS text message fees. Agents using Secure Mobile Chat can engage in multiple chat sessions simultaneously, lowering labor costs while speeding customer access to support. The application supports two-way exchange of both text and images, as well as links pushed by agents to their customers. More importantly, unlike web chat services or SMS text messaging, Secure Mobile Chat sessions are fully encrypted so sensitive information, such as financial, medical and personal data, can be securely discussed.

The application is platform agnostic and works with the organization's current IT infrastructure, significantly enhancing the value of the contact center IT investment. Mutare engineers will integrate Secure Mobile Chat into any existing enterprise mobile app or, if needed, create a customized branded app with Secure Mobile Chat capabilities.

There is no other solution like Mutare's Secure Mobile Chat for delivering a superior customer experience while supporting more efficient, cost-effective contact center operations.

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