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President of National Healthcare Staffing Organization Speaks of 'Indispensable' EVM3

"EVM opened our eyes to how we can do things better," said Jack Williams, President of Health IT Managers in Atlanta, Georgia. "Being in the hospital IT staffing business, we get a LOT of phone calls at all hours, and inevitably some of those calls will go to voicemail. EVM gives us 24-hour a day access not only to the voicemail messages but also the transcription of those messages on our smartphones so we can actually do something from wherever we are. And that has made a tremendous difference for our staff and the customers we serve."

Health IT Managers is a division of Jackson Healthcare, the third largest healthcare staffing company in the United States. The company purchased Mutare's EVM3 voicemail-to-text application in 2013 to facilitate better communications and response between team members and clients. Following is a summary of comments from Williams as he describes how the technology has impacted his business.

What challenges does EVM3 address?

In our business, we get a LOT of voice messages. Before we had EVM, our people would receive alerts on their Smartphones when a voicemail was left, but they still had to go through the whole routine of dialing in, listening to the message, taking down information then figuring out what to do with it. It was challenging. Now, with EVM, our people not only get a copy of the audio file but they also see the transcription so they immediately know the content of the message and are able to respond appropriately without having to dial in which they really appreciate."

Who in your organization benefits most from EVM?

So we thought we only needed it for our recruiters since they are constantly on the phone. Then we realized we really needed it for our sales people because they have a lot of after-hours and before-hours information coming through. Then we realized we needed it for our support staff because they are in touch with both parties even more than the sales people or recruiters - so as it turns out, I believe EVM is now used on every desktop because it gives everyone access to the information they need.

How has EVM3 impacted your business overall?

Ours is a very busy work environment - with 700 employees in a very large office building, we're pulled in a lot of directions which means we miss calls. EVM gives us the ability to deal with issues that surface during the day when we're not at our desks, no matter where we are in the building, and also after hours which is when many of the most critical issues occur.

Can you provide an example?

Here's a good example. I was on the phone with a hospital client of ours in Eastern Washington State - It was over Thanksgiving break so it was one of the busy mall days - people were everywhere. We had a crisis with a contractor on assignment at a hospital. The CIO reached out to me and I never heard the call. What I got, though, was a transcription of the voicemail and then I very clearly understood the problem. I was able to call him right back from where I was. I already understood the issue and what we could do about it, so there were no delays in getting the problem solved. That's just an example of how EVM has been indispensable.

What features are most useful to your team?

For me it's getting the actual transcription of the voice message so I can quickly prioritize which messages need immediate response. In addition, we really take advantage of the feature that allows you to delete or mark a message as read remotely while saving an actionable copy of the message locally. With the number of messages we get, this is extremely helpful in keeping our mailboxes clean while maintaining control of the message information.

Another great feature is the ability to forward a copy of the message through email. I'm usually not the one to solve a problem, but I am often the one to be first alerted. The great thing about EVM is the email contains the transcribed message and the wav file itself which gives the person I've assigned it to exactly what they need to solve the problem.

Describe your experience with EVM implementation

I have to admit I don't understand how Mutare implemented it. All I know is I had it one day and it worked great, and I didn't have it the day before and as I understand it was about that easy. It took just a short matter of time to put it in.

How easy is EVM to use?

There's no manual needed. If you can open up an email you know what to do with it. It's plug and play, so it works great for a young and fast-growing team like ours. Anyone who's running a smart business out to have it. In a word, it's perfect.

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