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Vital Link 3.0 Positions Mutare as New Leader in Secure Mobile Collaboration

Rolling Meadows IL— Mutare, Inc., recently announced the release of Vital Link 3.0, advancing its former offering with a substantially richer, more versatile, user-friendly solution for enhanced workforce productivity and collaboration.

Vital Link

Vital Link is an integrated system of applications that provides secure two-way messaging, mass notification, and customer engagement tools in a single, cost-effective platform. The new release adds powerful new features and a re-designed user interface to support a broad range of applications for security-sensitive sectors, including healthcare, government, legal, finance and manufacturing.

New for Vital Link 3.0:

Full Enterprise Directory
The Vital Link platform now includes a full enterprise personnel directory. When integrated with an HR system or Active Directory, corporate contact information is readily available to everyone within an enterprise.

Secure Conversations
Although numerous applications in the market today provide secure texting between two individuals, Vital Link takes that feature to the next level, allowing several individuals to take part in a secure "conversation" around a specific topic for easy collaboration and quicker resolution.

Using the Vital Link app on their mobile devices, users can

  • Initiate a conversation and select other participants from a directory of enabled users within the enterprise
  • Securely share photos and file attachments within a conversation
  • Record and share voice comments for hands-free exchanges
  • Add additional participants to a conversation for enhanced collaboration
  • Assign another individual to represent you when away from work
  • Forward a conversation segment (text, image or voice) to others within the system
  • Track a conversation's history and the status of participation by each individual
  • Ensures that users provide a "Required Response" to important system-generated alerts or messages

Vital Link provides two-way encryption of all conversations so security is assured. Many Vital Link implementations include interfaces and integration with other enterprise systems including CRM, hospital EMRs, or other business management tools for even greater productivity enhancement.

"Vital Link 3.0 is not just another secure texting application," says Mike Sorensen, President, Mutare Healthcare. "We continue to raise the bar and offer a whole new way for businesses to communicate faster, better and smarter. We listened to our customers, heard what they really need, and have delivered a solution that truly sets a new standard for enterprise communication technology. The release of the 3.0 platform positions us to deliver some really exciting new capabilities in 2015!"

In addition to its new Secure Conversation feature, Vital Link 3.0 also includes mass/group notification capabilities for delivering urgent messages through phone, email, text message, and social networks, as well as customizable customer/patient engagement tools supporting appointment/delivery reminders, surgery center notifications, IVR solutions, and contact center/customer support mobile applications.

"As is Mutare's policy, we do not charge fees for secure messaging, and any customer under support is entitled to a free upgrade when a new version of their application is released," says Sorensen. "That is just another way Mutare delivers on its promise of helping our customers out-perform their competitors."

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