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Mutare Message Migration Application Certified 'Avaya Compliant'

Message Migration

Mutare, Inc. global developer of enterprise communications software and services, recently announced the successful completion of Avaya DevConnect compliance testing for its Message Migration solution for Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 and Avaya Aura® Messaging 6.3.

Through Mutare's Message Migration tool, Avaya customers are able to upgrade from Modular Messaging v3.1 or later to the current Avaya Aura Messaging platform without loss of data. Message Migration copies and transfers all messages, names, personal greetings and passwords from the Modular Messaging (MM) Message Store to the Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) Message Store for a quick and seamless upgrade experience. In addition to MM to Aura upgrades, Mutare customers around the world have relied on Message Migration to protect their voicemail messages and related data during a wide variety of scenarios, from systems flattening and consolidation, legacy system upgrades, and software revision upgrades.*

"Mutare is a long time Avaya DevConnect partner with an unmatched portfolio of services and solutions that significantly enhance the value of the Avaya voice messaging platforms," says Scott Brown, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "We are delighted to earn yet another Avaya Compliant designation for our Message Migration service. It further affirms the value we place on our partnership with Avaya and our level of commitment to our mutual customers."

*Restrictions and limitations apply for some configurations. For complete information, contact a Mutare Regional Manager.

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