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Mutare's Unified Messaging, Monitoring and Reporting Applications Earn "Avaya Compliant" Certification

Mutare, Inc. global developer of enterprise communications software and services, recently announced the successful completion of Avaya DevConnect compliance testing for its EVM3 Release 3.0.5 and Message Monitor/Mailbox Escalation release 1.1.3. for Avaya Aura® Messaging.

Mutare's EVM3 continuously monitors the user's Avaya voice mailbox, copies and converts new messages to text, and delivers them to the user as an email, Instant Message, and/or text message for simple management and rapid response. EVM3 also includes a mobile app so users can quickly preview, manage, and respond to voice messages on the go from their mobile devices.

Avaya Certified

Mutare's Message Monitor and /Mailbox Escalation applications apply the Avaya voice mailbox monitoring capabilities of EVM3 to support management and reporting on critical mailboxes.

Message Monitor is used by call center administrators to monitor selected voice mailboxes for changes in message status, including what time a message was recorded, what time the message was played and/or deleted, and length of the message. From that data, administrators can run a variety of reports used to evaluate operational efficiency and adherence to Service Level Agreements.

Mailbox Escalation, bundled with Message Monitor, delivers escalating notifications of waiting voicemail messages to backup agents via text message, phone call and/or pager, assuring quick response when the primary help desk agent is unavailable. Mailbox Escalation also serves as an after-hours and weekend help desk solution, assuring that waiting customer calls are heard even during times when the service line is left unattended.

Says Jonathan Alperin, Director, Avaya DevConnect Program, "This successful Compliance Testing provides Avaya customers increased confidence in our product interoperability and successful deployments of our products within their enterprises."

Mutare's Message Monitor and Mailbox Escalation applications can be deployed on premise or hosted in the Mutare cloud, and works with Avaya Modular Messaging release 3.1 or later, Avaya Aura CMM release 5.2.1 or later, and Avaya Aura Messaging 5.0 or later.

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