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Coke and Chase Are Killing Voicemail. My Company Found a Smarter Solution

Coke and Chase

You may have read that Coca-Cola and JPMorgan Chase are reducing and, in some cases, eliminating their voicemail systems, citing concerns over hardware costs and time spent by employees managing their voice messages.

Mutare customers have found a better way. Instead of eliminating voicemail, we have transformed it into a powerful, business-enhancing communication tool that dramatically cuts costs, improves employee productivity and, most importantly, assures that the people they serve will get the rapid response they deserve when choosing to call.

How? Through Smart Voicemail. Mutare's cloud-based solution means companies can keep their current voice messaging engine but no longer need to deal with hardware and associated maintenance costs associated with premise-based systems. What's more, the Mutare solution converts voice messages to text and delivers them in email, text or IM so employees can read and respond to voice messages in a fraction of the time it takes to manage traditional voicemail. And, Smart Voicemail allows administrators to adjust their licensing monthly so they're paying only for employees who truly need and use voicemail. Pretty smart, right?

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