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Vital LinkTM a Game-Changer for Pro Coaching Staff

Clear, rapid, and reliable communication between coaches, managers and teammates during a game is more than an expectation - it's a necessity that no coach can afford to forfeit due to technical problems. That is why one championship-winning football franchise recently chose Mutare Inc.'s integrated Vital Link messaging application to support critical sideline communications. If a system goes down, coaches and staff can instantly launch a two-way messaging channel to IT support from their mobile devices via simultaneous phone, text and email, assuring quick response and issue resolution. The cloud-based Vital Link messaging system is capable of communicating with any mobile operating system or browser, and it is faster and more reliable than simple SMS text messaging or phone calls, particularly when stadium crowds are overwhelming traditional networks.

Pro Coaching Staff

Notes Adam Frank, Communication Product Manager at CoachComm, "Understanding and prioritizing your wireless environment can be the difference between winning and losing should technical issues arise. It is important to make the right investment in your program's future. Properly investing in a coach's communications system that can successfully co-exist with other wireless devices is an important step."*

And that, says Mutare's Mike Sorensen, is the reason Vital Link has become an indispensable tool for so many organizations that depend on rapid communication between mobile individuals on multiple devices. "Vital Link integrates with any existing system and communicates with all devices, including cellular phones, tablets, pagers, and even dedicated phone systems such as the Spectralink Pivot, so you know your critical messages are reaching the people that need to see them. In addition to mass notifications, Vital Link includes the option for two-way encrypted communication for security-sensitive applications, including hospitals, financial institutions and government agencies. Vital Link can deliver text, audio files, photos, and even video messages through the secure Mutare cloud, which greatly enhances its value and utility for these industries. There is no other application that does what Vital Link can do."

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About Vital Link

Vital LinkTM is an integrated enterprise messaging solution that combines secure 2-way messaging, group/mass notification and customer engagement tools in a single, easy-to-navigate platform for critical healthcare, government and business applications. Vital Link leverages smartphone technology, eliminating the need for carrying multiple devices, and supports broadcast communications, database integration, and closed loop tracking and reporting. The Vital Link platform can be deployed in the Mutare cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid manner, and can be integrated with existing CRM, EMR/EHR or other business management systems for enhanced capabilities.

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