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Mutare's "Fire Desk" Assures Anytime Response When the Customer Calls

Mutare, Inc. is a company known for its innovative enterprise software solutions that support better communications and faster customer response. It is no surprise, then, that Mutare developers would design a customized application for internal use that assures rapid response to their own customer support calls, even when those calls come in after normal business hours. "The fact is, when dealing with technology issues, there is no such thing as "normal working hours," notes Director of Operations, Jeremy Parker. "Problems can arise any time, any day, and our customers depend on us to solve them quickly."

Fire Desk

Mutare's solution, dubbed "Fire Desk," answers calls to specified numbers and, depending on how the customer has chosen to configure the application, will provide the caller with the option to be conferenced in with a live agent or, alternately, leave a message with the assurance that a support agent will call back promptly.

Once the message is left, the application immediately sends an SMS "message waiting" text alert to the mobile device of the on-call support agent. At the same time, it takes a copy of the audio recording, sends it through Mutare's cloud-based giSTTTM speech to text processing and, within minutes, also delivers the message to the agent as an email with link to the audio file and transcribed text in the body of the email. From any Internet-enabled device, the attending agent can immediately see who called and the reason/level of importance for the call. And, because the transcribed message already contains the time, date, customer ID and details about the issue, it can be filed or append it to the customer record for future reference, just like email.

Should the assigned agent not reply to the call within a short period of time, the application escalates the message to his or her back-up agent or agents. Once the call is positively confirmed, the application stops all escalation.

Mutare is now adding Fire Desk to its portfolio of applications available to customer-focused enterprises that could benefit from:

  • Substantial cost-savings - no need for 24-hour service desk staffing;
  • Increased productivity through better utilization of staff time;
  • Better customer experience - customers feel they are a priority when receiving prompt attention to service requests, regardless of time or day.

Additionally, Avaya customers considering a systems upgrade from Modular Messaging to Avaya Aura Messaging no longer need to worry about losing the enhanced support mailbox capabilities of the "Find Me/Follow Me" feature in the process. The Mutare Fire Desk application replaces that functionality seamlessly, significantly enhancing the power of Avaya's flagship messaging platform.

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