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The Secret to a Pain Free MM-to-Aura System Upgrade

If it's time your enterprise upgraded to Avaya's flagship Avaya Aura Messaging platform but you're paralyzed by the prospect of a difficult transition, then it's time to make Mutare part of the plan.

As an Avaya DevConnect technology partner, Mutare has a well-established record of innovative, Avaya certified applications that add features, functionality and value to any Avaya messaging platform, backed by unsurpassed service and support.

When it comes to Modular Messaging-to-Avaya Aura Messaging system upgrades, Mutare is the only developer that solves three of the most common customer concerns:

1) The prospect of data loss during cut-over

Message Migration

Mutare's Message Migration service takes all messages and related data from the source Modular Messaging server and copies them to their respective mailboxes on the target Avaya Aura Messaging server in one seamless process. Message Migration is the only solution capable of transferring not just messages but also names, greetings and passwords, assuring a painless upgrade experience. Message Migration is also capable of migrating messages on legacy systems to the most recent generation of Avaya messaging; migrating from one generation of MM to the next; or flattening and consolidating multiple MM or Aura Messaging systems into one. Limitations may apply for some legacy configurations so please contact a Mutare
representative to determine the best migration options for your enterprise.

2) The loss of Find Me/Follow Me features

While benefitting from Avaya Aura Messaging's state-of-the-art unified messaging capabilities, many users feel the loss of some advanced Find Me/Follow Me features in the process. Mutare's Fire Desk application replaces that lost functionality, but does much more.

Originally designed for service call support, Fire Desk answers calls to specified numbers and, depending on how the customer has chosen to configure the application, will provide the caller with the option to be conferenced in with a live agent or, alternately, leave a message with the assurance that a support agent will call back promptly.

The application then sends an SMS text alert to all back-up mobile devices as well as a text transcription of the recorded message with a link to the audio message. From any Internet-enabled device, the attending agent or agents can immediately see who called and the reason/level of importance for the call. The application will escalate the messaging to back-up personnel if the primary agents do not respond, and ends the escalation once the call is positively confirmed.

Message Migration and Fire Desk are just a few examples of Mutare's commitment to its Avaya partners and customers. To learn more about these and other innovative Mutare applications, contact your Business Partner or Mutare Representative, or visit

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