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Voicemail Re-engineered

There's a big change in the way business communicates, driven by the advancement of mobile devices and a generation of younger workers and customers who increasingly prefer using them to connect through text and social media.

While leaving a voice message is still convenient for the caller, busy employees don't want to take the time to retrieve them, which means important messages are being left unheard.

Sensing a decline in the value of voicemail, some companies have decided to reduce or even eliminate it in an effort to cut costs and improve productivity.

But what is the cost of creating frustration for your customer callers?

The fact is, voice messaging is not dead. It's the voice mailbox that needs to go. There is no reason to eliminate voicemail, because Mutare has re-engineered it!

In fact, for nearly a decade Mutare has been delivering voice messages as text - an idea that even the world's most innovative smart phone provider, Apple, has now adopted. But with Mutare, there's so much more.

When deployed on the enterprise voice messaging system, Mutare's EVM3 with speech to text transcribes your caller's voice messages and delivers them through email, text message or IM directly to your PC or mobile device for easy, anywhere access and quick response without ever dialing into voicemail.

And that means both caller and called can manage their messaging faster, more effectively, and in the way they most prefer.

In a world with so many communication choices, it's good to know there is one Smart Decision. Learn more at

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