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International Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer Finds Mutare Product, Service Indispensable

Baxter Manufacturing has a long and proud history of innovation and growth, beginning in 1958 as a small family-owned business and leading to its position today as a foremost developer, manufacturer and distributor of commercial foodservice and bakery equipment for a worldwide market. Baxter claims the key to its success lies in its commitment to quality, attention to detail and strong customer relationships - qualities that Baxter, in turn, has come to expect from its vendors. And that, says IT Network Administrator Jack Pennypacker, is why he is happy to spread the word about Mutare and its EVM3 application.

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"When I find a product I really like I have no problem telling others about it," he says. "But when that product is additionally backed by great support, I make it a point to give that company the recognition it deserves, and Mutare is definitely one of those companies."

Baxter purchased Mutare's EVM3 unified messaging solution in 2012. When integrated with the existing enterprise telecommunication system, EVM3 copies voicemail messages and delivers them in email so employees can play the audio file from any browser or mobile device without needing to dial into their voice mailbox. "Our people really love the convenience of it," says Jack. "It's so much easier to access your messages, especially when on the road. Before, we would have to dial in from our mobile phones, listen through every voice message in sequence, write down important details, play back some messages - the process was so time-consuming that people often just waited until they were back in the office to take care of their messages. But that sometimes meant delayed response to important calls. Now, we can see when a message has been left, play the message back and respond from the phone or PC whenever and wherever it's convenient. The message can be forwarded to colleagues if necessary or filed with related customer correspondences just like email so important messages are never lost or forgotten. It is such a time-saver for everyone and has made us a more efficient and responsive operation."

Baxter rolled out EVM3 company-wide three years ago but has, in addition, extended the application's advanced giSTTTM speech to text feature to many of its key members. With giSTT, the email not only includes the audio file attachment but also a text transcription of the message so users can quickly scan through their messages, prioritize the most important, read the content, and respond quickly and appropriately without even playing the audio, let alone dialing into their voice mailbox. "The transcription may not always be perfect, but it's good enough to get the 'gist' of what the caller needs," Jack says.

While aware that Baxter employees were happy with their new unified messaging capabilities, Jack recently discovered just how much the organization had come to depend on the application when a business partner oversight regarding licensing resulted in a halt to EVM voicemail to email deliveries. "All of a sudden I was swamped with emails and phone calls from people wondering what had happened to their EVM," he says. But all it took was a phone call to Mutare support. "They were on it immediately, issuing temporary licensing so we could be up and running again in a matter of minutes and bridged us through until the permanent licensing renewal was resolved. It was truly amazing how quickly they took care of everything."

Nevertheless, Jack notes that it was really no surprise, having already experienced how seamlessly the application installation went and Mutare's continued flexibility when responding to his organization's changing needs.

"The bottom line is this is a very good product supported by a great team."

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