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Mutare's Smart Chat Adds Real-Time Customer Support to Enterprise Websites

October 20, 2015

For more than 25 years Mutare has been known as a leader and innovator in the development of break-through telecommunication technology that helps employees better connect with, and respond to, their customers and colleagues.

As enterprise communication needs evolve, so, too, have Mutare's offerings. Among the most recent additions to Mutare's portfolio of smart communication products and services is Smart Chat, a hosted solution for web-based customer support.

"Most consumer-focused companies today have a call center or internal support agents who handle customer inquiries the traditional way -through phone calls or email," says Rich Quattrocchi, Mutare's Vice President of Business Development. "But with the rapid rise of IM and mobile chat, it's clear that companies who want to stay on top of their customer response will need to give those customers more choice."

Smart Chat On Web

Adding chat to the company contact center not only enhances customer satisfaction, says Quattrocchi, but it also maximizes the efficiency of contact center agent resources. "Unlike phone calls, agents can handle multiple chat sessions at once without the limitations posed by bad phone connections, caller background noise or heavy accents. It's a win-win for the call center and the customer."

When added to a company website, Smart Chat gives visitors the opportunity to reach support agents through a chat window. The application can also be integrated into a company's mobile app so customers can instantly connect with a support agent with just a tap. Organizations are able to establish specific rules to determine when the chat icon appears (for instance, when a website visitor lingers for a period of time on a page) as well as how the chat session is routed based on the nature of the query.

At the end of the session the application delivers a transcript to the customer and can also save it to internal systems for future reference and analytics.

Smart Chat is hosted in the secure Mutare cloud so there is no hardware to install or maintain. It includes a fully-redundant fail-over system, assuring continuity of service in the event of a catastrophic failure of the primary server.

"The implementation of Mutare's Smart Chat is a high end, highly personalized service that includes an experienced project manager who will see the process through from beginning to end," says Quattrocchi. "We do a full assessment of the organization's needs and come back with a solution that works. We're fast, we're smart, and we're unmatched at delivering cost effective solutions that quickly pay for themselves through improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, and enhanced workforce efficiency."

Smart Chat Uses:

  • Proactive and Reactive Sales Support
  • Customer Service Support

Smart Chat Benefits:

  • First contact resolution
  • Preferred contact method
  • Maximizes contact center agent resources
  • Inexpensive cloud based and secure solution
  • Native mobile app integration
  • Unaffected by noise, accents, bad connections
  • Two-way encryption for full security
  • Saves chat transcript for future reference
  • Guaranteed by Mutare's world-class support

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