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LA Law Firm Makes the Most of EVM3 with Speech to Text for Voicemail

November 24, 2015

Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP is a Los Angeles-based law firm distinguished by the depth of business expertise found in its team of partners and associates, many of whom are former bankers, accountants and small business owners. As stated in the EBG profile, "Our goal is to grow and strengthen the EBG network to increasingly add value to our client offerings because, quite simply, we measure our performance by the results we achieve."

As a growing firm with a second office in Las Vegas, EBG has embraced the power of mobile communications technology to help achieve those goals and, in 2013, invested in Mutare's EVM3 with giSTT speech to text. EVM3 converts voicemail messages to text and delivers them in an email so users can quickly scan through, read, prioritize and respond to their most important messages from their PCs or mobile phones.

"At first we offered it just to our equity partners and management team, thinking they would benefit the most," says Scott Beck, Finance and Technology Director. "But when other staff members began seeing the transcribed voice messages, they let us know how much they would love to have that same capability. So we rolled it out to everyone in the firm, and I can tell you, the difference it has made both internally and with our client communications has been like night and day."

EVM3 Testimonial

Beck explains how much faster it is to read and respond to voice messages that appear as text in an email. "It's also been a tremendous time-saver for clerical staff members who used to spend hours logging into voicemail and manually transcribing the messages. We have it set up now where they are copied on the email transcription which they can easily share or file along with other associated client records." In fact, many in the firm have discovered how easy it is to leave their dictated notes as a phone message to themselves, knowing that giSTT will automatically transcribe the dictation and deliver it to them in an email.

"I have had nothing but positive feedback from our people about the Mutare giSTT speech to text application," says Beck. "It completely transforms voicemail into something that is a huge help to us, our clients and our business."

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