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New, Ground-Breaking Vital LinkTM Gives Everyone Access to Secure Conversation Capabilities

December 15, 2015

Vital Link Secure Communication

Mutare announced today a major new release for its Vital Link smart collaboration platform, elevating the application's secure mobile communication capabilities well beyond any other enterprise offering on the market.

Vital Link is an all-in-one, web-based and mobile platform that supports two-way messaging, group/mass notification, and customer engagement activities. With the release of v4.0, Vital Link has significantly enhanced its secure mobile collaboration capabilities, adding the following key features:

1)"Confidant" secure messaging for everyone:

With the new Confidant feature, users can now deliver and receive secure messages to and from anyone with an email address.* Recipients of a Confidant invitation simply click on an email link to self-register and gain access to a secure web portal where they can view and take part in Vital Link secure conversations. The Confidant feature is particularly valuable for:

  • Healthcare organizations where physicians may want to confer with out-of-network colleagues;
  • Financial institutions that need to share personal information with clients or other institutions;
  • Government applications affected by regulatory restrictions;
  • Any organization dealing with security-sensitive information.

*Confidant is built into the new Vital Link 4.0 release and requires no additional licenses or fees to access.

2)Video Support:

Vital Link's secure messaging application includes the capability to share images, documents and voice notes. With the release of Vital Link 4.0, users can now also securely share video clips. Videos can be recorded and shared ad hoc from the user's mobile device or selected and shared from an existing library.

Mobile Quick Launch:

The visionary Vital Link Quick Launch functionality allows organizations to improve message delivery and response times for Time Critical Events. With this capability, healthcare organizations can significantly speed response to trauma, stroke, STEMI, and other codes for better patient outcomes. Quick Launch has also been put into practice within the Oil & Gas industry for incident response to chemical spills, plant fires, and other emergencies. With the new Vital Link 4.0 release, Quick Launch can now be instantly accessed from any mobile device for critical incident response on-the-go.

Additional Enhancements:

The new Vital Link release also adds support for Touch ID login, additional notification features and enhanced administrative tools for tracking messaging activity and event history.

Also New in 2015

Earlier this year Mutare engineers added new capabilities to the Vital Link Group Notification capabilities which streamlined the notification delivery process and expanded the list of compatible devices to include SNPP pagers as well as Spectralink PIVOTTM handsets. Mutare also expanded Vital Link's Customer Engagement capabilities with the addition of Surgery Status Update, a web-based tool that supports better, ongoing communication with patient's families in hospital waiting rooms. Surgery Status Update is the latest in a growing set of customizable applications made possible through Vital Link's multi-modal messaging technology.

"There is a revolution underway in communications technology, and Mutare is leading the way," says Mike Sorensen, President, Mutare Health and inventor of the original Vital Link application. "Mutare sets itself apart by listening to and understanding the needs of our customers. We're able to translate what they hear into truly ground-breaking solutions that are very sophisticated yet simple to use. Vital Link 4.0 is just another example of how Mutare's customer-centered approach results in truly superior product development. We are very excited about the prospects for this new release as well as the promise of even greater capabilities in releases to come."

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