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Smart Assist by Mutare (SAM) Gives Enterprises a New, Better Alternative to Voicemail

June 13, 2016

Last week at the 2016 International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) Conference, Mutare announced the launch of a revolutionary new application that replaces traditional enterprise voicemail systems with a cost-effective answering assistant that allows callers to leave a voice message while eliminating the time and frustration of voicemail management for the call recipient.


SAM (Smart Assist by Mutare) is a cloud-based application that completes the missed call, records a voice memo, and delivers the message with caller ID to the call recipient’s email, IM or as an SMS text notice. Customers may also opt to add Mutare’s giSTT speech-to-text transcription service to their SAM system. giSTT converts the content of a recorded voice message to text and delivers the transcription in the body of the email, IM or SMS text. SAM works with any phone system and includes Lync integration.

“As technology and business priorities continue to evolve, Mutare has remained ahead of the curve, offering smart choices that match the specific and varying operational and financial objectives of its customers,” says Roger Northrop, Mutare’s Chief Technology Officer. “For those companies considering reducing or even eliminating their voicemails, SAM is the perfect solution.”


For Companies, SAM is a low-cost, maintenance-free alternative that reduces the hardware costs and upkeep associated with traditional voice messaging systems. Additionally, no local storage of voice messages means better use of company resources;
For Employees, SAM provides simple, seamless and immediate notification of missed calls from their mobile devices for improved responsiveness and workflow;
For Customers, SAM retains the option to leave a phone message and the assurance that the message will reach the intended recipient for quicker response.

To learn more about SAM and other innovative Mutare applications, contact your Mutare Representative or call 847-496-9000.

Learn More about SAM, watch our video and download a brochure here.

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