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EVM a Great Fit for Larger Educational Institutions: A Case Study

November 28, 2016

Washington Township Quote

The New Jersey Washington Township Public Schools system includes 11 school buildings serving approximately 7,000 K-12 students. Six years ago the district purchased Mutare’s EVM application for its 1,200 district employees so that they would have access to and control of voicemail in their email. According to Voice Systems Specialist Debbie Brown, EVM is a particularly good fit for a large school district like theirs with multiple building sites and a mobile employee population, particularly at the High School where teachers move classrooms throughout the day.

“Before EVM, voicemail management was a real chore. It meant logging in several times a day to check for messages, since they did not have a phone with a voicemail light. It becomes even worse when there is a person out and in need of someone to field their calls, which means multiple log-ons into multiple mail boxes. With Child Study Team staff, or Student Assistance Counselors, not being at their desk meant risking delayed response to important calls. With EVM, those messages now all simply go to their Outlook email so they get all their messages in one place that they can check any time, wherever they happen to be. Some people access their Outlook via their cell phone, so now they are connected to their voicemail as well. The fact is, people always have access to their email, but not necessarily to their work phone. It has truly made our staff more responsive and happier.”

When EVM was first installed, notes Debbie, the district chose to enable just a small subset of staff member to see how it was received. “But as word of mouth spread, demand just blossomed. It became evident that we should just roll it out to all 1,200 staff members.

“Everyone who uses it is absolutely thrilled,” she adds. “Personally, since EVM I have never once had to log into voicemail.”

Debbie also has high praise for Mutare’s support. “Installation was so easy – all done through a remote web session. If ever there has been an issue that I cannot resolve, like when we migrated to Office 365 and had some compatibility problems with the internal and external Exchange servers, Mutare was right there making the fixes so there was little disruption for our EVM users. All I need to do is call and they take care of it immediately. That’s just one of the many very good reasons why I choose to work with Mutare.”

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