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Mutare Combines New Call Completion Technology with Vital Link Secure Messaging to Deliver a Fully Secure Voicemail Replacement Solution

January 4, 2017

SAM Voicemail

Adding to the steady stream of new SAM (Smart Assist by Mutare) feature roll-outs, Mutare announced this week the completion of SAM integration with the company’s Vital Link secure messaging platform, delivering the first of its kind, fully secure voice-to-text voicemail replacement solution.

Vital Link was introduced by Mutare five years ago to address the complex communication needs of healthcare organizations, financial institutions, government agencies and other enterprises dealing with protected information. It combines secure messaging, emergency/mass notification, and patient/customer engagement capabilities in a single, integrated, cloud-based platform. Using the application’s secure messaging feature, users can freely share sensitive information from their PCs and/or mobile devices without risk of security breach or HIPAA violation.

SAM is Mutare’s break-through enterprise voicemail replacement solution that answers missed calls, records the voice memo, converts the message to text, and delivers it with caller ID and related customer information to the recipient as an email, text message or Instant Message. Organizations utilizing Vital Link can now choose to have voice messages delivered via SAM to their secure Vital Link client, so any protected information contained in the message remains fully secure.

"This is a significant and cost-effective breakthrough for organizations who want to take advantage of modern unified messaging technology but cannot due to privacy concerns,” says Rich Quattrocchi, Global Product Manager. “SAM for Vital Link is another example of Mutare’s continued commitment to serving its customers through innovations that add value to their current investment while reducing overall operating costs."

SAM for Vital Link is another example of Mutare’s ongoing commitment to its customers through continuous innovations that add value to their current investment while reducing overall operating costs.

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