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Mutare’s SAM Voicemail Replacement Solution Now Integrates with Salesforce/CRMs

February 6, 2017

SAM Voicemail

Extending the time and money-saving value of its revolutionary Smart Assist by Mutare (SAM) call completion application, Mutare announced this week the successful integration of SAM with Salesforce and other CRMs.

SAM was developed by Mutare as a powerful, cost-effective voicemail replacement solution that intercepts missed calls, records the voice memo, converts the message to text, attaches the audio file, and delivers the entire package to the intended call recipient as an email, text message, IM or secure, encrypted message.

Now, with CRM integration, SAM message deliveries also include relevant caller information such as full name, title, company, email address and policy/account numbers, enabling quicker and more directed response to calls without the need to reference additional directories or data bases. What’s more, SAM automatically copies the date and time-stamped message transcription back to that caller’s CRM record, transforming voice calls into valuable, stored customer data. By eliminating the voice mailbox, SAM significantly reduces the cost and workflow disruption related to traditional voicemail management.

“SAM is a truly transformative technology, designed for companies that wants to empower their employees with the best tools to make their lives easier, better serve their customers, and realize significant cost savings,” says Rich Quattrocchi, Global Product Manager. “It is an outstanding example of Mutare’s continued commitment to the development of better, smarter communication tools that grow and change along with the business and financial needs of our customers world-wide.”

SAM Voicemail

For SAM customers who are Salesforce users, Mutare has added a free SAM connector app to the Salesforce App Exchange store which enables quick and easy appending of Salesforce data to SAM message deliveries. Click Here to view SAM connector details on the Salesforce App Exchange store.

To learn more about SAM and other innovative Mutare applications, contact your Mutare Representative or call 847-496-9000.

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