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Mutare Voice Message Migration Solution Supports Data Loss-Free Avaya-to-Cisco Conversions

February 23, 2017

Companies planning to move from Avaya Aura Messaging to the Cisco Unity voice messaging platform can now complete the conversion without loss of saved messages and much of the related mailbox data through Mutare’s Voice Message Migration service. Message Migration copies over saved messages and, in many cases, names, personal greetings and passwords, from the source messaging server or servers to the corresponding mailboxes on the target server(s), assuring a quick and painless system changeover experience. Originally designed to support Avaya system upgrades and consolidations, Message Migration now supports numerous configurations for cross-platform migrations.*

“Mutare has always worked to make sure its customers have the best solutions to support their business and financial goals, even as those goals may change and evolve,” says Project Manager Jeremy Parker. “Our flexibility and deep expertise working with all of the major voice messaging platforms is a great advantage in a world where competing voice systems and ongoing mergers and acquisitions can inhibit business decision-makers as they consider what is best for their future operations. We make it easy to move forward as our solutions take the pain out of change and continue to evolve along with our customers’ business needs.”

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*Restrictions and limitations apply for some configurations. For complete information, contact a Mutare Representative.

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