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New SAM Software Release Delivers Superb “Users First” Capabilities for Enterprise Messaging

June 19, 2017

SAM iPhone

Mutare has introduced several “user first” enhancements to its revolutionary enterprise messaging digital assistant. SAM (Smart Assist by Mutare) answers missed calls, converting voice to text and digitally delivers “Smart” messages to user by email, SMS or Skype. All this with NO voice mailbox!

What makes SAM messages Smart? SAM messages can be appended with useful caller information triggered by the caller ID from a data base dip such as a CRM, adding the caller name, title, email address, alternate phone number, account number and recent call notes.

This “Smart message” retains all the advantages of voicemail for the caller while dramatically improving the messaging experience for users. Users can visually separate SPAM calls from urgent calls ensuring important calls are handled promptly and SPAM messages never waste another minute of time. SAM even notifies users of callers who don’t leave messages, often converting the missed opportunity of a hang up to a meaningful engagement.

SAM is designed to be a “set it and forget it” smart technology that is easy to administer and deploy. It synchronizes with existing enterprise databases such as LDAP, Active Directory, CRM and even cloud services, enabling automatic provisioning of users, announcements, delivery methods and enterprise policies. The latest SAM release puts users first, enabling:

  • “Auto Pilot” – pre-configured settings so the user does absolutely nothing and never needs to worry about managing a greeting or voice mailbox. This is especially important to millennial workers who “just want it to work” without any intervention on their part;
  • “Manual Control” featuring a stunning new graphical user portal designed for users such as attorneys, sales professionals, C level executives and entrepreneurs who need announcements and out-of-office messages to callers personalized in their own voice;
  • Streaming that has been enhanced to make regulatory compliance a breeze for organizations with retention policies that prohibit voice files in email.

According to Mutare Vice President Richard Quattrocchi, “Voicemail is a technology ripe for disruption and Mutare is doing just that with SAM. SAM dramatically improves the user experience, replacing “leave and retrieve” voicemail workflow with digital push notifications directly to users. No annoying message light and no wasting time calling to retrieve messages. Callers are better served with faster responses and the enterprise is the big winner, cutting 20% to 50% off the cost associated with traditional voicemail systems. SAM works with existing phone system infrastructure and is “cloud ready” for the future, enabling seamless evolution to next generation multi-channel communication systems.”

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