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National Business Institute Embraces “Genius” Smart Assist by Mutare

July 24, 2017

The National Business Institute is a nation-wide organization providing continuing education and training for legal professionals. Working with more than 500 credit-granting organizations, NBI has one of the largest and most diverse catalogs of legal coursework available, offering literally thousands of onsite seminars and web-based educational sessions throughout the country each year.

Based in Altoona, Wisconsin, NBI prides itself for embodying “the strong values and customer service associated with the Midwest.” As NBI Systems Administrator, it is Laurie Douglas’s job to make sure the large and diverse NBI network of educators and trainers has the necessary tools and technology needed to uphold that commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, particularly considering the high expectations of its professional clientele.

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Douglas was first introduced to SAM (Smart Assist by Mutare) in May, intrigued by the promise of a break-through technology for handling voice messages faster, better, and at a fraction of the cost of the organization’s traditional enterprise voicemail system. It did not take long for her to draw a conclusion.

“It’s just genius.”

Rather than send calls to voicemail where they can linger for hours (or even days), SAM intercepts the missed call, records the voice message, converts the message to text, adds caller ID, timestamp, and additional caller-related information found in the company directory or CRM, and delivers the entire digital package to the employee’s PC and/or mobile device as an email, text message, IM or Skype. Employees can see at a glance the source and nature of the call (even a hang-up call) and can respond immediately and appropriately, wherever they are, without ever needing to dial into voicemail.

Says Douglas, “This is a must for any business – large or small,” adding, “The delivery of all that information in an email is great since it can also be easily filed and shared. However, my personal favorite SAM feature is the SMS texting capabilities. It allows me to create a custom template that displays a quick view of just the important call details in a text while still providing the entire transcribed message if needed. I can’t begin to explain the difference it has made for me in my work.”

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