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Mutare’s Answer to Microsoft’s End of Support Announcement

August 7, 2017

This week Microsoft announced that, on July 18, 2018, it will end support for Session Border Controllers which connects third-party PBX phone systems to Exchange Online Unified Messaging (UM). This gives any enterprises with an on-premise PBX that is planning to use, or is already using, Office 365 in the cloud for Unified Messaging less than 11 months to find an alternative.

Microsoft outlines four options:

  • Complete full migration from the 3rd party on-premise PBX to Office 365 Cloud PBX;
  • Complete migration from the 3rd party on-premise PBX to on-premise Skype for Business Server Enterprise Voice;
  • Implement a hybrid solution, connecting the third-party PBX to Skype for Business Server using a Microsoft partner-provided connector;
  • Implement a 3rd party voicemail/unified messaging system

"Obviously Microsoft is encouraging customers to become fully invested in the Microsoft solution,” says Rich Quattrocchi, Vice President of Illinois-based communications developer, Mutare. “While many see this announcement as a real problem, we see it as a huge opportunity that will motivate companies to closely examine the value of their current communications systems and look for modern alternatives that offer greater flexibility, better user experience, and at a lower cost. That has been Mutare’s mission for more than 25 years."


“Our depth of experience with applications development and integration with every major PBX, including Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft, has taught us that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to enterprise communications. Companies need flexibility so they can easily adapt to operational changes. They need less complexity, not more, when enhancing their existing systems. And they need assurance that the investment they make in solutions today will not be lost as technology changes – those solutions need to evolve with new technology, not be made obsolete because of it. Those organizations that commit to a single vendor solution will lose control, not only with the direction that vendor may want to take them in the future, but also with the associated costs. No single vendor can meet all the requirements for Unified Communications. And even if one could, in most situations, enterprises will obtain better choices, more control and better prices by working with multiple strategic partners.” Mutare’s clientless approach to Unified Communications relies on native Exchange/Outlook functionality and rules and is not dependent on a partner connector. “And that means the next time Microsoft makes its next big change to lock enterprises in their proprietary solution, Mutare customers are not impacted and continue with a smooth, uninterrupted workflow,” says Quattrocchi.

Mutare’s features-rich EVM voicemail to email unified messaging solution, giSTT speech to text service (added to EVM or integrated with Microsoft Office Lync), and Smart Assist by Mutare(SAM) digital call completion system can be implemented individually or in combination, work with any PBX, all browsers and all mobile devices, and can be deployed organization-wide or as a partial implementation working in tandem with existing systems with advanced features including:

  • Voice to text transcription
  • Delivery to Skype for Business as an Instant Message
  • Delivery to any mobile device as an SMS text message
  • Optional fully-secure (HIPAA-compliant) delivery through Mutare’s Vital Link application

What’s more, Mutare solutions are easily scaled up or back depending on the organization’s changing needs and provide a simple path for phased in migration to the Microsoft Skype for Business should customers choose to go that direction in the future.

To speak to a Mutare representative about which option is best for you and your organization, Contact Us on the web, call 847-496-9000, or watch a recording of our webinar, “Is Microsoft Going to Break your Unified Messaging?”

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