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New Vital Link™ Release Tackles the Problem of “Alert Fatigue”

August 14, 2017

Vital Link 4.2

Rolling Meadows, IL -- The latest release of Mutare’s revolutionary Vital Link platform includes a significant and welcome new feature that allows users to identify their message deliveries by type. Each type (critical, informational, standard etc.) is associated with a unique audio alert tone and reminder pattern so recipients instantly know the nature and level of urgency for each incoming message on their Vital Link enabled device.

Now available for general distribution, Vital Link 4.2 continues to set Mutare apart from other communication solutions developers by offering not just a single solution but rather a fully integrated set of applications that support secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile communication, multi-modal group/mass notification, and customizable customer/patient engagement tools such as appointment reminders, customer satisfaction and surgery patient status updates, all from a single platform.

The addition of message types in Vital Link 4.2 provides for:

  • Quicker response to critical issues: The distinctive alert tone for messages of a critical nature means team members can more quickly mobilize a coordinated response, assuring the best chance for quick resolution and positive outcome.
  • Smoother workflow with fewer interruptions: Users no longer need to check their application each time they hear an alert. They can clearly distinguish between those that are urgent and warrant immediate attention and those that are informational only and can be checked when convenient.
  • Better overall collaborative experience: Vital Link 4.2 includes a number of additional user interface improvements for simpler message management and a more streamlined collaborative experience.

“As has always been the case with Mutare, we consider our applications evolutionary, growing and improving along with the changing needs of our customers,” says Mutare Health Vice President, Mike Sorensen. “The Vital Link platform solves the problem of communication system overload and redundancy by supporting all of an organization’s communication needs from a single, cost-effective platform. Then, Vital Link’s fully encrypted communication technology solves the security concerns associated with sharing sensitive information through personal mobile devices. Now, with the addition of message type, we have solved the problem of “Alert Fatigue” for our users. It’s just one more example of how listening to customers is our way of assuring that we continue to make great solutions even better.”

And, as is Mutare policy, all current Vital Link customers under support qualify for a free application upgrade. For more information, visit

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