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Mutare’s New Application Brings the Power of SMS Texting to the Enterprise

August 23, 2017

Enterprise Text

More than 75% of Americans identify themselves as “regular” uses of SMS text, with those under the age of 50 overwhelmingly choosing mobile text messaging over phone calls or email as their preferred method of communication.

“Clearly, any company hoping to stay on top of customer engagement and retention needs to embrace SMS as a significant tool for customer interactions. It is fast, efficient, cost effective and, above all, it’s what today’s customers want,” says Mike Sorensen, Innovative Technology Executive at Mutare. “However, allowing employees to communicate with customers or clients through their personal mobile devices is not the right solution. It is important to use a process that allows the organization to effectively manage the interaction, capitalize on the customer relationship being established via SMS, and track all interactions for compliance and quality control.

Recognizing the need for a true, enterprise-grade SMS solution, Mutare has developed Enterprise Text, a “smart” SMS text application that enables quick and easy SMS communication between employees and customers or clients while assuring privacy and control of the communication process.

From the Enterprise Text web or mobile interface, representatives within the organization can send and receive SMS text messages to any wireless device. Contact numbers may be pre-defined and communicated through a company’s marketing or outreach campaigns. Mutare’s Enterprise Text solution can be further integrated with an organization’s CRM, EMR, or other electronic data management system for quick access to contact numbers as well as a history of past text conversations with that customer.

The Enterprise Text solution keeps employee mobile numbers private and ensures that companies do not lose valuable contact information and conversation history if an employee leaves the organization.

How Mutare’s Enterprise Text Solution Can Benefit Your Organization Right Now:

  • Gives your organization a competitive advantage over those that are slow to recognize and respond to the growing preference for text messaging
  • Enables your employees to engage in text conversations with customers or clients on personal devices while protecting the privacy of their personal information
  • Gives employees greater control over the substance and direction of conversations with customers and clients for quicker issue resolution
  • Supports multiple conversations at once for more efficient, productive workflow
  • Records a full audit trail of conversations for reporting, compliance and analysis leading to business process improvements
  • rives customer loyalty through a more personalized communication experience
  • Is easy to implement and is cost-effective. There is no additional hardware to buy or maintain

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