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Mutare’s Recently-Released SAM Call Completion Solution Hastens the Obsolescence of Standard Unified Messaging Systems

January 8, 2018

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While Unified Messaging solution providers are struggling to remain relevant in an era defined by end of support for many legacy systems, engineers at Mutare have been busy simply redefining the way businesses should be handling voice messaging now and for the future.

"As the company that introduced the first unified messaging voicemail solution back in 1999, we are uniquely qualified to recognize when that technology has run its course,” says Rich Quattrocchi, Vice President, Mutare. “While there have been many others who have followed our lead with the promise of new and better UC voicemail solutions, it’s clear that old ideas can be propped up with new features for only so long before you end up with just an over-bloated pile of code. There comes a point when it’s time to start fresh with a streamlined, flexible, and cost-effective approach that supports the way people really want to work. With the launch of SAM, we can confidently say that time is now."

SAM (Smart Assist by Mutare) is a completely new technology that transforms voice messages into data-rich emails, text messages, IMs and secure mobile messages delivered to employees through their preferred methods. In addition to the caller’s message transcribed to text or securely streamed through a link, SAM can also tap any stored information related to the caller ID (such as name, title, company, email address, account numbers, call history and notes) from the organization’s CRM and include it in the notification. Because there is no voice mailbox with SAM, users and IT departments alike are spared the time-wasting inconvenience of voicemail management and maintenance, and callers get the immediate response they expect for their important issues. What’s more, SAM works with any existing phone system infrastructure and is “cloud ready” for the future, enabling seamless evolution to next generation multi-channel communication systems.

The SAM Difference

  • Includes Flexible Auto-Attendant
    SAM boasts a unique built-in tool that enables administrators to easily create and apply auto-attendant functionality to an internal phone line, including calendar-driven activation of separate auto attendants for open and closed hours/holidays. SAM simplifies the process of creating and updating auto-attendant prompts which gives the organization full control and flexibility when creating or revising auto- attendant options without added cost.
  • Provides Coverage for Personal Cell Phones
    SAM includes a simple, clientless set-up for mobile employees who would like to extend SAM call completion capabilities to their cellular phone, a particularly valuable feature for mobile employee forces or companies that want to reduce reliance on desk phones without losing control over voicemail data. SAM CRM data lookup and Auto Attendant features will still apply to cellular calls.
  • Enables Spam Control
    SAM is the only call completion application that includes a “Caller Blocked” link that, when selected, tells the system ignore all calls from that number going forward so users no longer waste time on annoying spam calls.
  • Recaptures Hang-ups
    Conventional Unified Messaging is useful only if a message is left, and studies show that nearly 50% of unanswered business calls now end with a hang-up. SAM still delivers the caller ID and additional data associated with the hang-up caller, enabling the intended recipient to quickly re-engage in what would otherwise have been a missed opportunity.
  • Costs 20% to 50% less than AVST or Officelinx
    SAM is substantially more cost-effective than competing, less featured unified messaging solutions on the market. Says Quattrocchi, “Before any organization commits to a new system for voice message management, they should make sure their investment is going towards a system that will continue to serve and adapt to the changing needs of their workforce and customers while making a measurable difference to their bottom line. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what SAM can do so organizations can see for themselves why we say it is the only smart choice they have.”

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