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Breakthrough Mobile Messaging Solution puts Notification Control in the Hands of the Clinician

January 15, 2018

Vital Link 4,2

While a continued infusion of technology has brought improvements to many areas of the healthcare delivery system, it has also delivered some unintended consequences. EMR-generated warnings, highly sensitized equipment alarms and automated pager and smartphone notifications have been added to the ongoing mix of demands for the clinician’s attention. The overload of undifferentiated messaging and loss of focus, warns the American Medical Informatics Association, can create “a state in which the user becomes less responsive to alerts in general,” and thus at risk for error due to oversight.

Since launching its revolutionary Vital Link platform for secure healthcare communications and collaboration, Mutare has focused on the user experience to assure that this new technology solves, rather than contributes to, the problem of messaging overload.

Says Mike Sorensen, President, Mutare Health, “With the release of Vital Link 4.2, we are directly addressing the alert fatigue challenge through differentiated audio and visual message notification types so healthcare workers can easily distinguish the type of message behind the alert and respond appropriately.” In this way, Vital Link supports more efficient mobilization of resources on issues that matter most, assuring the best chance for quick resolution and better care for patients.

“As has always been the case, Mutare knows how to listen to its customers and then apply vision and expertise to solve their problems,” Sorensen adds. “Vital Link gives healthcare workers a powerful collaborative tool that keeps their focus and attention on the issues that matter. That, in the end, means less frustration for the healthcare provider and better overall care delivery for the patient.”

As is Mutare policy, all current Vital Link customers under support qualify for a free application upgrade.

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