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Smart Assist by Mutare (SAM)

Sam is the call completion app that replaces voicemail with a modern digital workflow. SAM serves callers, thrills employees and lower costs for automated call completion. SAM answers missed calls, notifies employees they missed a call, captures the caller ID, records a voice memo, coverts voice memos to text and delivers them to their preferred digital workflow as a text message, email, in app message or Instant Message. With SAM, there is no voice mailbox to check, password to remember, greeting to manage or annoying message waiting light to turn off.


Read, listen and control voicemail from email with EVM3. Respond faster to urgent customer needs without ever having to log in to voicemail again. No expensive upgrades are needed because EVM3 works with your existing voicemail and email system.

giSTT Hosted

Hosted voicemail to email transcription. Works with existing voicemail systems without the need for on-premise equipment. Optional hosted cloud voice mailbox available for enterprise applications.

giSTT Speech-to-Text

Delivers text transcriptions of enterprise voice messages to email, SMS, IM and CRM. Works with existing voicemail and email systems.

Smart Voicemail

Mutare's smart voicemail solution is ideal for businesses that prefer the savings and simplicity of a cloud solution to answer missed calls. Mutare's giSTT Hosted voicemail solution will answer business and cellular calls and delivers both right to your email inbox.

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